Monday, October 8, 2012

Bermuda: St. Peter's Church in St. George's a historic jewel

Hi everyone! I'm back from my cruise to Bermuda, and I wanted to share some of the sites I saw while there. Today's post is about the beautiful St. Peter's Church in the historic town of St. George's.

St. Peter's is the oldest Anglican Church outside the British Isles and the oldest Protestant church in continuous use in the New World.

This year marks the 400th year since the founding of the church. On March 18, 2012, Queen Elizabeth II granted the church the title Their Majesties' Chappell.

It's difficult to adequately describe how I felt when I walked into this church. I love historic buildings, and this one, with its exposed cedar beams and pews, took my breath away.

Here are a few tidbits:

  • The Communion table, made in 1612, is the oldest piece of Bermuda furniture.
  • A servants gallery was added in 1721 so that black people could attend services in the church.

  • The pulpit was made of Bermuda cedar in 1660.
  • The baptismal font dates from around 1450 A.D. and is believed to have been brought to Bermuda by the early English settlers.
If you ever have the chance to visit St. George's, do NOT miss seeing St. Peter's. And be sure to walk around the cemetery where you will find generations of gentry, commoners and slaves buried.


  1. Beautiful pictures! Lucky you going on trip to Bermuda!

  2. Omg, small world! You weren't on the Enchantment out of Baltimore, were you? We took the 9/28 cruise and LOVED Bermuda! Thanks for sharing these lovely thoughts and pics!



  3. Martina, I sailed on The Explorer of the Seas out of New Jersey port. We left Sept. 30. More photos to come!