Friday, October 12, 2012

Writing prompt: The minute I did it I knew I was in trouble…

Let’s have some fun. It’s been awhile since I’ve given you a writing prompt. Here it is:  The minute I did it I knew I was in trouble…

Keep it to around 200 words. Here’s what I wrote. Can’t wait to see yours in comments.

The minute I did it I knew I was in trouble. You don’t tell your mama to shut up and get away with it. Not my mama anyway. She whipped around faster than the dog chasing its tail and whacked me a good one right across my face.  It stung worse than a billion bees and left a big old red mark.

“What’s that on your face?” Addy asked.

Addy found me crying in my apple tree. It’s my thinkin’ place, the place where I go when I hate mama. And right now, I’m hatin' her good. I only told her to shut up because she was yammering about me being dumb. I’m tired of being dumb. I want to be smart. Like Addy. That’s what mama says, anyway. Addy’s smart; I’m not.

I could tell by the way Addy’s eyes jumped on top of her pea-sized head that my cheek looked as bad as it felt.

I coughed. “Guess I was resting my cheek too long on the palm of my hand.”

Addy put her hands on her boney hips like she does when she thinks she knows something. “That don't look like resting to me. That looks like it came from a slap. Got finger marks and all.”

Now, your turn.

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