Monday, October 22, 2012

Bermuda: Sir David Gibbons home

The taxi driver we hired for a few hours took us to the home of Sir David Gibbons. Gibbons, a member of the Gibbons family of the department store fame, was a former premier. He opens his home Monday through Thursday. 

You can't see it well, but the pond contains a grassy relief in the shape of Bermuda. You can get out and walk around it. It's absolutely beautiful. Here's a view of the garden from above, which gives you a better picture. 

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  1. OMG! I was totally on the Explorer of the Seas from Aug 30 thru Sept 9! We LOVED Bermuda. It was weired, because I never wanted to go to there, thinking it wasn't exotic enough. But after one visit, I'd love to have a home. Our cab driver--Randall--was awesome! He took us all around and even to Michael Douglas' house-lol.
    Was your cruise director Richard Spacey? If so, Did you love him? I was sorta in love with him when I left-lol.

  2. @Karen. Totally loved Richard Spacey. He was by far the best cruise director I ever had! We were on Explorer the week of Sept. 30. Had a great cruise. Isn't St. George's gorgeous!

  3. It is the BEST! I am seriously considering moving least a few months out of the year. And um, when I can afford it. It's crazy expensive there. Still, I loved everything about Bermuda, the pink sands, the clean streets, the history and the pastel colors. Loved it.