Friday, February 19, 2010

Ella's Dance: An Ella note

Ella’s note to Grandma (Years later)
Dear Grandma,
I can’t begin to tell you how much your notes have meant to me over the years. After you died, I didn’t think I’d ever be happy again. But little by little, I started to live again. Your notes helped guide me through some of the darkest days of my life.     
Trey never did go into the Marines. We were in an accident not long after you died and he was injured too badly and disqualified. Instead, he went to college and became an automotive engineer. I went to college, too, just like we always planned and became a journalist.
You’re never going to believe it, but Ben and Em ended up together. Maddie married this really awesome professor who she met at the coffee shop and Trey’s dad, Mike, married his childhood friend, Sam, who teaches at the high school.
It hasn’t all been happy, though. Trey’s brother, Tom, was killed during his third tour in Iraq. More than 100 people turned out for his funeral in Union Cemetery and he was laid to rest with full military honors. Sam insisted that white doves be released at the end of the ceremony and it was a beautiful sight. The doves circled several times and flew north.
You always told me to write about life, so I’m going to try. I’ve started writing this book, called Ella’s Dance, that begins with your funeral service. I want to include all of your notes at the end. Maybe they'll help someone like they’ve helped me.
Thank you, Grandma, for everything. For all the sacrifices you made over the years. For all your encouragement and patience and love.
But most of all, thank you for teaching me to dance -- even when the music stops.
Love you bunches and bunches, Ella

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