Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Share your logline

Let's share loglines, one-sentence description, of your work. I'll start. Please add yours in posts.
Ella's Dance: 17-year-old learns to live when her grandma, who dies, leaves her 365 notes, one for every day of the coming year.


  1. This should be fun. I love reading what everyone is working on!

    Caught between becoming a woman, the illusion of perfection, and her father’s ulterior motives, eighteen-year-old Avelynn must choose between being "worthy" of her father’s love and Chase, the one person she doesn’t want to live without.

  2. Danny is your average teenager in every way except for one: he's a handicapped, wheelchair bound kid who can fly. Pursued by living nightmares, loved by young royalty, held captive by pirates, and wanted for treason, Danny must learn to overcome his weaknesses in order to survey and find a way home.

  3. Loved yours! It's so crisp and clean. To the point is great. Here's mine:

    The year 1911 was a golden year for aeronautics. But living in Maine , twelve-year-old orphans Courtesy and Patience would never have known had not a hot air balloon fallen on their heads.