Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A minute list

Let’s do a minute list. What’s that? It’s when you take no more than one minute (can be less) to write a list. Today, I want you to make a list of words or phrases that describe a former teacher.
Here’s mine:
Long gray hair streaked with white
Rosy cheeks
Shiny forehead and nose
Skinny fingers
Dressed in polyester skirt and matching jacket
Black pumps
Lips bright as a cherry tomato
Walks with a slight limp

Can't wait to read yours in comments.


  1. This is really funny. I like the idea, though I doubt you'll want to read about this former teacher.

    Here goes:

    helmet hair
    known as Darth Vader
    small chubby hands and fingers
    missing teeth
    lacking in sense of humor
    mismatching outfits
    flat dull colored shoes
    liked to shout in class

    Wow - that minute went by too fast, I had so much more to write!

  2. Awesome Vry. Sounds like a character in a book. (Smiles)