Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Some writing inspiration

At my wedding reception, my husband and I danced to Melissa Manchester’s “Through the Eyes of Love” (theme from the motion picture “Ice Castles”). The clip from the movie is below. I’ve always loved this song and the movie’s message. In this clip, Lexie is going to skate before a crowd who has no idea she is blind. And before she skates, she says, “Here’s for my mom.”
That’s how I feel about my YA novel, ELLA’S DANCE. If the novel is ever published, it will be for my mom.
This clip speaks to me in many ways, and I’m hoping it speaks to you. It’s about hope and achieving something great despite seemingly insurmountable odds. It’s about not giving up on your dreams even when others have. And it’s about love, not the superficial kind that leaves when your greatness fades, but the sincere kind that will never leave you no matter what.
So when you feel like writing is too tough. When you have doubts and question your ability. When you feel like you are blind in a world where everyone else can see his or her way to publication but you are unable to – fight hard like Lexie. Go out onto that ice and skate like you've never skated before. In the end, it doesn’t matter what others think. What matters are what you think and how you feel.
So, write your book. I will be in the crowd clapping and cheering. God bless each of you...


  1. You have taken me through a whole range of emotions this week Buffy...nostalgia, devastation, love and many others...

    Although I don't have time to comment every day - I READ your posts every day.

    THANK YOU for your hard work and the inspiration you offer to others!

  2. Thank you so much, Ann Marie. It's folks like you who encourage me to keep going even on the days it would be much easier to stop. God bless you....

  3. Thanks for the inspiration. We all have those bad days when we want to give up.

  4. Yes Natalie. And don't you dare give up. We have to keep cheering each other on.