Monday, April 26, 2010

A minute list

You know how I like doing minute lists from time to time. These are lists that should take no more than a minute  to complete. For this list, I want you to SHOW the following. Example: Angry: clenched teeth 

Copy and paste the list into comments and give it your best shot. Remember, I want you to SHOW me, either through physical description or dialogue, a character being each of these things. Good luck! Can't wait to read what my awesome friends come up with.


  1. ANGRY = clenched fists, clenched cheeks (yes, all four Buffy) and steam emanating from nose, ears and pores of the skin.

    HAPPY = A soft, fluffy cloud of sauna-like proportions encircling me...with a basket FULL of chocolate at my feet..

    SAD = Empty basket at my feet and hot tears searing my aforementioned cheeks...

    NERVOUS = Waiting in a nail-biting manner after giving youngest son money to bring Mummy fresh supply of choccy...will he actually scoff it him-greedy-self..?..

    EXCITED = Cloud of nervous perspiration forms again as AM sees youngest son appearing over the horizon grasping choccy in one hand....BUT...

    JEALOUS = in other hand son grasping shopkeeper's no-good daughter....lots of steam emanating from cheeks, pores etc...(see ANGER above)

    CONFIDENT = No-good shopkeepers daughter bouncing up to AM (still holding youngest sons hand) and says "where's Peter (oldest son)? We said we'd all play DOCTORS AND NURSES today".......GRRRRrrrrr
    (see anger again,....)

    BORED = Peter (oldest son) comes out and replies..." Oh, not again. We've played it so many times and I've seen EVERYTHING now...let's collect spiders...(!)"

    AM - see ANGER....again

  2. Angry: sneered
    Happy: eyes twinkled in delight
    Sad: lower lip trembled
    Nervous: absently twisted her napkin in her lap
    Excited: bounced on her toes like a child waiting for ice cream
    Jealous: his eyes narrowed as the red Porche pulled away
    Confident: he tipped his bowler hat and gave her a wink
    Bored: he slumped behind the stack of books and sighed

  3. Very nice showing going on here ladies.