Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What you've learned...

What are three things you've learned about yourself from your writing journey so far? I'm sure there are more than three, but just list the first three that come to your mind. And tell me if you were surprised.

Then list one thing that you've learned about the writing world. And tell me if you were surprised by it.

For me, here goes.

Three things I've learned about myself:

1. I have the ability to write a book. I wasn't surprised by this but as a journalist I’m accustomed to producing far shorter pieces in a fraction of the time. Writing a longer piece was, well, dang hard and a lesson in patience and perseverance.

2. I love writing for kids and teens. I wasn't too surprised by this since my mind seems to be that of a 12-year-old. I think I've found where I belong, and it feels perfect.

3. I need to work on having more patience. This process takes time. I'm used to publishing a daily newspaper and seeing the result of my work almost instantaneously. Let's just say it's far from that in this business.

One thing I've learned about the writing world:

1. The online writing community is extremely supportive. I was surprised by this. There is so much talent out there. Everyone is pulling for everyone else. It's like being a member of the biggest and best cyber sports team in the world. You might not ever meet your cyber mates, but their spirit and enthusiasm and support encourage you to do your best. I love you guys to pieces!


  1. ooh, tuff one. I can think of one big one: I wish I'd known that all I really needed to do was to become devoted to my passion. I also wish I'd known about blogging sooner because you're right, Buffy, there's a lot of great peeps in the writing blogosphere.

  2. I've learned 1. I can be creative. 2. I do learn from my mistakes. 3. The writing community is so supportive and I've made blog friends without having a blog. I was surprised about that.