Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Dealing with digital distractions

I sit in front of a computer with probably a dozen tabs across the page allowing me to switch quickly from one tab to another and juggle multiple accounts and tasks. My iPad sits to the right of me and my Android to the left allowing me to check different things simultaneously. Yes, I'm wired. And sometimes, despite my ability to multitask, I get digitally distracted.

I saw a survey today from social email software provider harmon.ie that said workers are costing companies thousands of dollars in productivity each year because of such distractions. Now, many of you do not work outside the home. But still, how do you deal with digital distractions and keep them at bay when it comes to protecting your coveted writing time? Do you have some tips to offer others that might prevent them from becoming distracted by social media?

Here are the greatest digital distractions noted in the survey:
* Email processing: 23%
* Switching windows to complete tasks: 10%
* Personal online activities such as Facebook: 9%
* Instant messaging: 6%
* Texting: 5%
* Web search: 3%

Can't wait to read your tips.

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  1. Great post! I schedule my social media, or at least I try to. Then, I attempt to stick to it.

  2. For me, I definitely spend too much time reading blogs instead of writing. I need to schedule it better like Sheri suggested. I am trying to finish the blogs I follow a little less because there are so many of them.