Thursday, May 5, 2011

A quick list: Smells you love

I'm up to my eyeballs these days planning all the details for my youngest son's graduation party. He will be headed to college in the fall and then I will have two at Penn State. (OUCH!) Anyway, I've been making tons of lists so I don't forget anything. I love making lists. If you love making lists (and sharing them) check out the website Listgeeks.

Here's a quick list challenge for today. List five smells you love. ie. Chocolate chip cookies baking in oven.


  1. 1. Cookies baking in the oven (thanks for the idea!)
    2. New shoes
    3. Tires
    4. KFC
    5. Anything by Bath and Body Works

    Is that a random list or what? :)

  2. 1. Freshly baked bread
    2. Libraries
    3. A newborn's sweet little peach fuzz head
    4. Fresh out of the dryer laundry
    5. Popcorn (unless it's burnt, of course)

  3. 1. Banana Nut Bread
    2. Pot Roast
    3. Hot Cocoa
    4. Starbucks coffee
    5. Apple Pie

  4. 1. lilacs
    2. wood smoke on a cold winter's day
    3. fresh cut grass
    4. the sea
    5 the air right before a thunder storm and right after

  5. Many of the things on your lists are also faves of mine. Great job with this.