Monday, May 2, 2011

Salute to Bin Laden coverage

I have to salute my colleagues for this morning's paper. What an awesome job they did. Keep in mind what time they heard the news about Bin Laden last night. This incredible team of reporters and editors and copy editors, a skeleton crew on a Sunday night, managed to redo the front page AND get local reaction by 12:25 a.m., when all pages had to be sent to composing. Incredible!


Read a colleague's post on two York Daily Record front pages, 3,520 days apart, here.

Where were you when you heard the news?


  1. Kudos to YDR! I've seen the front page of other national newspapers, and I'm so proud that YDR chose to tell the story with class and grace.

    At 6am this morning, in my bedroom slippers, escorted by my two black labs, I retrieved the newspaper from the end of my driveway. I read the unbelievable headline out loud, only my dogs heard me and they wagged their tails - "well said" was my reply!

  2. Thanks Judy. I really appreciate your feedback.

  3. Apropos of your post last week -- I saw the news on Twitter this morning first. Then popped over to a news site to confirm.

  4. Yes Dianne. I bet a lot of folks learned about it first on social media and then, like you, went to a more institutional source. If you don't know what post Dianne is referring to, it's this one below on the 10 things I've learned from social media.

  5. I saw it on Twitter late last night. We were watching a movie on tv and I was lurking on Twitter and all of a sudden people started tweeting about it. We flipped over to CNN.