Thursday, May 12, 2011

A minute list: yard work

It's time to mulch, plant flowers and do all other kinds of yard work. And that can only mean one thing -- a minute list. You know how this works. Copy and paste the list in comments and describe each in a word or two, taking no more than a minute to complete the list. Mine is in ()'s.

Mulch (smelly)
Flower (lipstick red)
Grass (scratchy)
Tree (dressed in leaves)
Birdbath (empty)
Flag (waving)
Flower pot (cracked)
Bush (budding)
Weeds (nasty)
Garden (tilled)

Now, your turn:)


  1. Mulch (fertile)
    Flower (Periwinkle)
    Grass (sea of green)
    Tree (shady bliss)
    Birdbath (avian refresher)
    Flag (unfurl)
    Flower pot (birthplace of beauty)
    Bush (untamed)
    Weeds (voracious)
    Garden (a delicious dream)

    Okay, that was a lot of fun. Thanks! :)

  2. Mulch (growth)
    Flower (smelley)
    Grass (picnic)
    Tree (wise)
    Birdbath (loud)
    Flag (patriotic)
    Flower pot (possibilites)
    Bush (hiding the mailbox!)
    Weeds (strong)
    Garden (fantastic)

    This was fun! LOL!

  3. Some great ones on both of your lists. Made me smile. Thanks so much for participating. Have a super day!

  4. Mulch rich
    Flower pot
    Grass green
    Tree swaying
    Birdbath stone
    Flag yup, waving
    Flower pot overflowing
    Bush Butterfly
    Weeds choking
    Garden flowers