Sunday, June 26, 2011

A child's imagination

I love the way kids see the world.

I see a stick and think trash. My son sees the same stick and sees an alien blaster. Wow! What an imagination.

I always thought that the best part of childhood is imagination. Often children who are imaginative grow up to be creative thinkers and writers. Despite not recognizing the stick as an intergalactic weapon, I think I have a pretty decent imagination. How about you?

Can you think of some things you heard kids say or describe that showed their imagination? Here are some to get us started on a list.

1. A kid describes a crescent moon as the tip of a fingernail.

2. Why does the sky cry? Asks a child when it rains.

3. I want to see the bouncing lights. (Lightening bugs)

4. I picked you some pretty yellow flowers, Mommy. (dandelions)

Perhaps if we looked at the world through a child’s eyes we might rediscover its beauty.

Now, you're turn.


  1. Great point! I work with children and it's very cool to hear the things they come up with. They're not stuck in the box of hard reality that grown-ups are.

  2. Great posts. I'm always amazed at how kid like my 14 year old is at times, like still enjoying running out in the rain. Often I wonder, when and how did we lose that pure joy?

  3. My youngest daughter (aged 11) can still spend a few hours amusing herself with a stuffed animal and a piece of string. My kids have always had a terrific imagination, and have never been short on ways to amuse themselves. I was always puzzled by parents who claimed that they never had a moment to themselves because they had to entertain their kids every second of every day. I discovered that this is because NOT every kid has an imagination -- nor is it encouraged by every parent. :( Yes, I have someone in particular in mind ...