Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Cycle, er, write hard

I used to teach an indoor cycling class. They'd call me Buffy the Cycle Slayer. (Yeah, I know, the jokes never stop!) I wasn't above getting off my bike and standing in front of a rider and encouraging him or her to push their limits. Might sound a little extreme, like something a Cycle Slayer would do, but dang it if you were in my class you were going to work hard. Let me rephrase that. We were going to work hard. I was going to help you, encourage you to get through the intense workout and we would finish together.

I tell you this because the writing journey can be like a cycle class. It's grueling and there are times when you think you can't possibly push past the pain. But you can and you will. Your eyes might burn from your sweat. Your throat might be dry and your lips caked with goo. But you will not give up because I will not let you.

So the next time you're writing and you feel like you just can't pedal any more, visualize me standing in front of you, encouraging you to keep pushing, keep going.

So much of the writing life is the journey. Yes it's damn difficult. Yes, there are days when you'd rather eat that family size bag of kettle cooked chips. And, yes, there are days when you wonder if you have the talent to travel with the best.

When these doubts and fears creep into your life, push them aside like you mean it and keep pedaling. Once you get to the top of the hill, coming down the other side, with the wind in your face and the sweet smell of victory thick in the air, life is great.

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