Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The power of sights and sounds and smells

Last night, I saw my first fireflies of the summer and heard crickets chirp for the first time in a long time. I was immediately transported back to my youth when I ran myself silly chasing the flickering lights and was lulled to sleep by crickets singing outside my bedroom window.  

Isn’t it crazy how some sights and sounds and smells have that kind of power? The smell of mothballs reminds me of my grandmother. A lavender bush reminds me of Mom, who loved the fragrant flower. The playful music coming from the ice-cream truck as it winds through the neighborhood reminds me of summer nights I spent, money in hand, waiting on the front porch for its arrival.

What sounds or sights or smells evoke memories for you? It’s truly amazing how strong our reactions can be. 


  1. Roses growing on the bush always remind me of my Dad. He loved his flowers and his garden. When I hear a piano, I think of my sister Mary Jane who played so well. Any line drawing or a middle aged lady looking "just so" reminds me of my sister Tarnie who could be very proper and always wanted to be a dress designer. A smiling young man reminds me of my little brother Michael and a happy little mischievous girl with dark hair always reminds me of my little sister Millie as does any owl figurine. Anymore when I get on my small bed I remember my Grandfather who had a small bed and had to roll to the floor in order to stand up due to his arthritis. I'm not far behind him. When I hear peace, I think of Grandma because she was the most peaceful quiet person I ever knew. They have all gone to be with God and someday I will join the circle too.

    1. Buffy: The above was by Jess. Couldn't get the system to operate under my name. Thanks for the memories.

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