Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Real conversations: Yadas yadas and blah blahs

As writers, we pay attention to conversations around us. We listen to word choice, rhythm of voice, tone, etc. We notice physical actions that accompany the dialogue. Did he shake his fist or point his
finger or pat her on the back? Did she give him the finger or jump up and down? Or hug him?

I love collecting snippets of conversation. They might inspire characters or I might hear a certain voice (ie. sing-songy or chirpy) that I want to emulate in my writing. 

Here are a couple of conversations I heard recently.


Place: In line at the convenience store.

Clerk 1 to clerk 2: And he said he was going out this weekend, blah blah blah. And then I said, yada yada yada.

Note: I have no idea what they were talking about but apparently they understood the blah blahs and yada yadas just fine. 

2. Place: At convenience store

Mom is at cashier with four tweens. They all have slushies.  

Mom to girls: Stop it! I told ya that's all you're gettin'. (Girls picking up different snack items near register.)

Mom to cashier: After I see what this costs (points to slushies) then I'll know how much gas I can get. (Note: You prepaid for gas at this store).

Mom and girls walk out the door.

Mom: (throws hand in air) You girls are embarrassin'. I told ya when we went in there that slushies were all you were gettin'. 


Note to readers: I will post real conversations as I hear them. Feel free to share any that you've heard in comments. 

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