Thursday, July 19, 2012

Will +1 make it into dictionary?

Funny how Google+ hasn't exactly set the world on fire but one aspect of it has going viral -- the use of +1. 

I'm hearing and seeing "+1" more and more. If you're not in the know, +1 is a synonym for:

In other words, when you say +1 or write +1 it's like applauding. Kind of like clicking the Facebook "like" button. +1 is the new high-five!

Agree with something, +1 it!
Think something's great? +1 it.

Has anyone else noticed the increase in the use of this slang? 

Just to be clear, Google established the +1 button so that users could click the button next to a search result or ad. When they click it, they are recommending it. When their contacts come across the same search results, they will see the recommendation.

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