Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Learning and growing writing skills

What do you need to work on? Maybe it's making your dialogue sounds more realistic. Or getting better at working backstory into your novel. Or making sure the stakes are high enough for your MC. Or world building or…
I think that a huge part of our growth as writers is recognizing what we need to improve. For me, it's integrating backstory seamlessly into the novel. I think I'm getting better at this. I can see a big improvement in my WIP.
So what do you need to work on? And how will you go about doing it? Let's talk about it. Maybe someone has a suggestion that might help you grow this skill. Please share in comments.


  1. I'm totally reordering my manuscript. All about learning tension and plot structure I guess. But I have to learn to throw myself in and do the scary stuff!!! So much to learn...

  2. Good luck Tina. And we all have so much to learn. The great thing is that we can do it together and help one another out.