Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Memorable characters

Do you love your characters? Are they real to you? Do you like hanging out with them?
I love all of my characters. Ella and Grandma D from ELLA'S DANCE. Frank from FREAKY FRANK. Mags, Toad, A.J., Becca and Micah from LOCKET OF DOOM and HAUNTED BARN.  Alex from BRAIN INVADERS. And Annie and David from my WIP, THE LION AWAKENS.
This is perhaps a scary confession, but sometimes I'd rather hang with my characters than real people. For example, I'm on this wild journey right now with Annie and David and we're having an awesome time. I'm afraid for them and I'm sad for them but I'm also hopeful for them. And I can't wait to see where they take me and how this new book ends. I love this discovery.
So what say you? Do you love your characters? And is there one you love most? I'd love to hear what you have to say.    


  1. My favorite character is Nakine from my current WiP. I do love my characters, but not as much as real people. My characters don't always love me back. lol

  2. I love Joyce from my hf mg. She is adventurous, brave, and loving. She goes through something I can't imagine going through.

  3. Okay, Buffy....I'm a bit embarrassed. I just gave you an award and I've already given you one. I guess that means I'm a fan. :)

  4. Thanks Sharon. I really appreciate it. I've never gotten any awards before. Your support and encouragement means worlds to me.