Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Share dialogue snippet

Share some dialogue from your WIP that you think reflects a character's personality. Here are a few lines from THE LION AWAKENS. The first is from Petra, a secondary character. The second from Annie and David, the MCs. Can't wait to read yours in comments.
“Jess is off the A-List. Not that I care. I mean, she was the mastermind behind the granny pants incident. Remember that?”
“I never killed anything before. Not even a spider. That’s how much I’m against hurting things.”
“Technically speaking,” David said. “You didn’t kill that dude. He killed himself.”
“Because I made him,” Annie said. “What kind of person does that?”


  1. Well, that just pulls the reader right in. Nice snippet!

  2. Hmmm, I wonder what the granny pants incident was...That was my first thought. I wonder what she killed, was my second thought. OH MY, something has definately gone wrong for Annie. My reaction was out of concern for what Annie had done and then worry about who she had done it to. I was totally pulled into the story. WTG!