Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Where do your ideas come from?

Story ideas come from everywhere. One of the best places to find story ideas is in the newspaper. (Cheers)
I recently read a story about a high school senior who is blind. He has been this way since almost being killed by a tiger when he was 3. The cat bit into his face, crushed the front of his skull, exposing his brain.
Tyler is like any other teen. He fishes, shoots pool and plays video games.
He also wrestles.
He became one of the top wrestlers in the region, finishing with more than 80 wins in his four-year career. He learned to use his ears and fingers to anticipate opponents’ moves and to latch onto their wrists to control where they’d go.
Wow! Now there’s conflict and the making of a great YA novel about a teen who overcame a lot to achieve things no one thought possible.
Share a story idea that you found and tell us where you found it. Remember, ideas are everywhere -- on the back of cereal boxes, community bulletin boards, church newsletters, classified ads, etc. Some of my best story ideas have come from reading the classified section. Awesomeness.

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