Saturday, March 6, 2010

Write Chinese cookie fortunes

I went to get some change out of my wallet and accidentally grabbed a fortune I have held on to. It said: Good news of a long-awaited event will arrive soon. I've had that fortune for probably four years and I'm still waiting for the good news. *Smiles*
 I found four other fortunes in my wallet. Here they are:
  • (Smiley face) You are never selfish with your advice or your help (Smiley face)
  •  (Smiley face) Good news will come to you from far away (Smiley face)
  • (Smiley face) From now on your kindness will lead you to success (Smiley face)
  • (Smiley face) Executive ability is prominent in your make up (Smiley face)
So let's have some fun. I challenge you to write fortune(s). It will be a great way to practice writing tightly. There is an art to saying a lot in as few words as possible. Can't wait to read yours.


  1. Your words will map your future.

  2. Great one Lee. Very, very good. We could probably come up with Chinese cookie fortunes totally aimed at writers. We could have them made and market them. Would make a unique gift etc.
    Don't let rejection get you down.
    Writing makes your heart happy.

  3. There are two types of fortunes -- the ones that actually predict something happening to you, and the ones that offer sage advice.

    Here's the predictive fortune I'd most like to receive:
    Your heart's deepest desire will be fulfilled.

    If I had to sum up my philosophy for living in one piece of sage advice, it would be this:
    True happiness can be yours if you choose to make it so.

    Carole (cnc999)

  4. True about the two kinds of fortunes.I have received both. I wonder sometimes that when you receive a predictive fortune (usually they are very general) how much of it you actually make come true because you adapt it to your situation.Anyway, thanks so much for participating.

  5. Resolved: Your new future awaits.