Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Ella's Dance: A Grandma note

We haven't heard from Grandma D in some time, thought we were due.

Note 289

My dearest Ella,

Success means different things to different people. What’s important is what it means to you.

I knew a woman who lost her vision. Her goal was to be able to continue living on her own. She moved to the city so she could use public transportation and developed a system of identifying objects that included using rubber bands. She was successful in modifying her life so that she could remain independent. She was truly an amazing woman.

For you, success might be earning a college degree or having a book that you’ve written published. Whatever it is, your success is your own. You define it and you achieve it and it doesn’t matter if no one else sees it as success, it’s what you see it as that’s important. My blind friend’s idea of success was far different from my own, but that doesn’t mean her success was any less important.

Love you bunches and bunches, Grandma


  1. So true. Everyone's successes in life will be different.

  2. YES! I am going to define my own... :)