Monday, August 23, 2010

Thought(s) of the day

I enjoyed pastor Greg’s sermon on Sunday. He gave some great advice. I'll try to summarize it here. I think it's worth sharing.

1. Happiness is something that’s found from within. It’s not something that’s acquired.
So if you think a new car or a new house or an Ipad or smart phone is going to make you happy, think again. True happiness comes from within not from materialistic things.
Pastor Greg also said to just get it out of your mind that when bad things happen you’re being punished for something. God’s not that petty. It’s not like he’s saying: Just suck it up until you die. God wants you to have blessings.
2. Put away your pride and vanity and ask for help.
Too often, people are too proud to forgive or too proud to ask for forgiveness. Vanity keeps us from asking for help. When you need help, ask. There are people willing to help.
3. Free yourself from that need to be loved by everyone, to be in the popular group in school, etc. You don’t need people who won’t let you be the person you want to be. Don’t follow the losers, follow the Lord.
4. Make decisions about your lifestyle. Pastor Greg talked about people who are drowning in busyness. He said to step out of the water and look at the bigger picture and make decisions. He said Jesus didn’t heal everyone. Jesus didn’t help everyone. Jesus had limitations and he allowed these limitations to guide him. He said to learn from the master. We can’t be all things to all people all of the time. That’ll only lead to burnout. Think about what you are doing and why you are doing it. Are you doing it because you’d feel guilty if you didn’t? Because of your pride? It so, it’s time to rethink things.

Are there any here that you need to work on? For me, definitely No. 4. I tend to take on way too much. It’s not out of guilt or pride, though. It’s because I truly want to help and enjoy being a part of things. But Pastor Greg’s right. We can’t do it all. We have to pick and choose and NOT FEEL GUILTY when we tell someone “no.”


  1. It used to be I owe, I owe, so off to work I go but then I decided that happiness was worth more than money. Since then I've taken wednesdays off and worked a little more the other 4 days, giving me a much needed break in the middle of the week to write. I still owe but I'm a lot happier. Most people at the end of their lives never regret working less, they regret working too much. Great post, Buffy.

  2. For me it's #4 too. My daughter is involved in a lot of things, some which require you to volunteer and others where I want to help because they need it. I'm going to cut back my volunteering in school this year because life gets way too busy.

  3. Great thoughts of wisdom Buffy. I think that I learnt early on the ABSOLUTE TRUTH of #1 and that has meant I'm a pretty contented person generally...the problem is with #4 as both you and Natalie have mentioned. Is that more of a woman thing do you think, or do guys also struggle with this one? Maybe women are seen as the nurturers so we have a lot of social expectations thrust upon us...?

  4. Great thoughts ladies.
    Marcy, I hope having Wednesdays to write helps. You are very talented and I am cheering for your success.
    Nat, I know all about the volunteering. But kids grow up so fast. Pretty soon your daughter will be out of school. I know that you cherish these times but also seek a balance. Good luck in the coming school year.
    Ann Marie. I've been wondering where you have been. Missed your comment my dear cyber friend. You're right about the men vs. women thing, I thing. Although I'm sure the guys would disagree with us. Guys, are you out there? Please respond if you are.

    Thanks again ladies for your continual encouragement and comments on this blog. I really do appreciate each of you.