Friday, August 20, 2010

Quote of the day

"Because this business of becoming conscious, of being a writer, is ultimately about asking yourself, How alive am I willing to be?" -- Anne Lamott (Bird by Bird: Instructions on Writing and Life)
So cyber friends, how alive are you? And what do you think Anne is trying to tell us in this quote? Wake me up with your great thoughts. I've been feeling more dead than alive lately. (Smiles) Have an absolutely terrific Friday.


  1. So many people sleepwalk thru life without giving it much thought but I think if one intends to write one has to be at least partially concious.

  2. Wow, very thought-provoking. I think being a writer allows you to experience the world more fully. Your imagination is allowed to wander and your dreams are able to bleed into reality. This is a fantastic quote. Have a wonderful weekend, Buffy. Ooh, we've got you in our round-up today, by the way! Thanks so much :)


  3. Ouch... I think she is basically telling us: if you don't believe in your work... then no one will!

  4. I think it means live using all of your senses and write the same way. You want your reader to fully experience your story, every sensation that your mc the writer must be aware of everything going on around attention to small details.

    Have a lovely weekend, friend.

  5. I think it means you have to be alive to the world and all the experiences it brings. When we're blah (I have been lately), we don't see and feel as much that could help our life and writing.

  6. She really says: How much of a writer are you? Do you believe in a writer? Would you write no matter what? Even if no one read a word?

    Then let it flow. Be the most alive writer in the land.

    And "it" will come.