Monday, October 4, 2010

A minute list

List two things you wonder about. And if anyone knows the answer to what someone wonders, share in comments.
I'll start, I wonder:
--why dogs likes to stick their heads out of car windows when the cars are moving?
--when I go to the movies, which arm rest is mine?
Now, you’re turn.

“Wondering's healthy. Broadens the mind. Opens you up to all sorts of stray thoughts and possibilities.” --
Charles de Lint

1 comment:

  1. I remember somebody saying that the dogs get a smorgasbord of smells, all coming very fast, when they stick their heads out a window. But I don't recall if that was a scientific opinion, or just a line from a movie!

    And in the movie theater, your arm rest(s) are the ones you can win from your neighbors and defend successfully.

    What I wonder is -- when somebody is in the passing lane but not actually passing anybody, and you blink your lights to signal them to move over, but they don't --- are they blocking the lane on purpose, or do they really not know why you're blinking at them?