Sunday, October 10, 2010

Pieces of the past: Postcards

I found these awesomely cool postcards that belonged to my hub’s grandmother while I was digging through some boxes in the basement. These postcards are more than 100 years old. Wow! They are absolutely beautiful. The ones I posted here are all Christmas postcards. I found some Easter ones, too. And get this. They are addressed to Jessie May Truman, Lucas, Iowa. That’s it. There is no street address. No route number. Just Jessie’s name and the town she lived in. I never even heard of Lucas, Iowa, but I’m guessing that in 1910, it was probably a pretty small place where everyone knew everyone else. The postcards have a one-cent stamp on them. Anyway, I just love when I find these pieces of the past. Jessie married my husband’s grandfather, Chester Gross, who was a U.S. congressman. They met in Washington, D.C., where Jessie worked for a congressman from Iowa. She was also the first female mayor of York, Pa. Grandma Jessie was a first class lady all the way. I'm blessed to have had the opportunity to know her.

Another piece of the past: Check out this link for a picture of me when I was 2 ½. My mom and I were featured in the newspaper. Notice the glass milk bottle. At the time this picture was taken, milk was home delivered by the milkman to the tin milk box on the back porch.
Do you have any old things that make you smile?


  1. Wow, that's great. Love the pic. I like looking at old family photos. I also kept my kids first clothes when they got out of the hospital. My oldest is eighteen and I love taking it out to show him how small he was.

    Great post.

  2. Buff...Regarding the milk bottle...I remember pre-school babysitter named Martha. She and her husband Russ were so sweet. Russ used to take me to the end of the street with a lawn chair and watch traffic ?? I know, what??? But anyway, when we would come home in the afternoon, the milkman had delivered from the Green's truck and put the bottles in an aluminum box on the front porch. How cool is that???? Gosh, I would love to have fresh milk delivered today :) Wouldn't that be sweet?? Nice memory....

  3. What lovely postcards!

    And first female mayor of York? That's pretty cool! What year was it?

    I'm sure she was a fascinating person!


  4. These are incredible! Looks like you found some real treasure in your search! Also, I love the handwriting. People don't seem to write like that anymore.
    I'm a new follower, nice to meet you!

  5. Thanks peeps for joining in today. And Lydia, welcome to my blog. I hope you visit often.

  6. Dianne, Grandma Jessie became mayor in October 1969 upon the death of John L. Snyder. She also was a businesswoman. She owned a dress shop.

    Lydia, does anyone write anymore? I don't even think they teach cursive in school.

    txbiskit812, I'm laughing picturing you watching traffic. What it is about traffic that can keep people occupied for hours?

    E. Arroyo, ahhh. Baby clothes that your little munchkin once wore. They definitely grow up much too quickly. I have my boys' christening outfit. Maybe someday a grandson will wear it.

  7. Very cool, Buffy! I keep old letters in a pretty box in my closet. I have some from when I first moved to America in 1974 and a few that were from before that. They're mostly from my grandparents and my father. I miss getting mail. Even my 90+ Grandad emails me now...I encourage my daughter to save the postcards my Dad sends her when he's on holiday. :) Thanks for sharing your families memories and cute little you....