Sunday, October 3, 2010

A mustard seed size faith

In Pastor Greg’s sermon today, he talked about faith. He talked about how Jesus told his apostles, when they asked him to increase their faith, that they didn’t need a large amount of faith. A mustard seed size would do. What Jesus was trying to tell them in this parable is that it doesn’t take great faith to produce great results. That the results don’t depend on us; they depend on God. Have faith that God will give you what you need to move mountains and uproot trees.
I’ve always loved this parable. It’s so simple and yet so profound. A mustard seed is a speck, one of the tiniest seeds in the whole world. And yet, look at what it can become if we only believe.


  1. I used to have a mustard seed in a tiny glass ball on a necklace. Wish I still did. It was kinda cool.

  2. Silpada sells a great silver necklace with a medallion that says Faith and a mustard seed in a tiny glass ball. I love that necklace and it is a reasonable price as far as Silpada goes. I selected it because it reminds me of a pin that belonged to my grandmother with the mustard seed in a ball.

    And.....I totally agree about the concept of great things being able to come from small starts. Great message.....a lot to learn from it. Our pastor spoke about it today as well......something we all need to hear even if we have heard it before.....have faith!

  3. I love love love the mustard seed parable. I have to remind myself of it constantly. Thanks for posting this!