Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Social media and you

Anyone who knows me knows that I love social media. I juggle multiple Facebook accounts and probably about a dozen Twitter accounts in addition to my blog. And this is all in addition to my work as an editor leading a department that produces two glossy magazines, a daily newspaper features section, a weekly entertainment magazine, multiple websites, e-newsletters, and various other niche products. In my role as social media coordinator, I see the value of these various platforms and the need to expand our digital footprint.  We are no longer just a newspaper. We are a media company, and one of the things we happen to do is publish a daily newspaper. But, we are so much more.
As the industry reinvents itself, we are finding more ways to connect with our readers and bring them the news and information they want in the way they want to receive it -- whether that's via mobile or website or the traditional core product. Not only are readers consuming news and information via a variety of platforms, journalists are using these same platforms to gather and report the news.
As an author, social media plays an important role as well. Social media tools allow us to connect with our readers and publish our work in ways that authors 50 years ago could never have imagined. While I  might prefer the physical book, I understand and appreciate that a new generation of readers might prefer to receive and read this same book in a digital format. In today's constantly changing world, there is room for both.
Don't run away from technology. Don't let it frighten you. Embrace it. Push its boundaries and learn how to effectively use social media tools. And, heck, have fun with these tools. Those who learn how to navigate this new media landscape, who understand it and run with it will be out in front. Let's run this marathon together!
What social media tools do you use to connect with your readers, fellow writers etc.? Is there one you particularly like?


  1. I like Facebook and commenting on blogs for now. Even that is overwhelming. Friend me on Facebook. I had a hard time figuring out with one is you.

  2. I use them all but have a bias obvs towards my blog. I hate MySpace.

  3. I love Twitter! :) I have a Facebook page but I never use it because too many of my former students keep trying to connect with me up there.

  4. I only blog and occasionally do facebook - no cell no twitter.

  5. I love twitter, fb, my blogger and meetup! Thanks for sharing. I too am a social media addict.

  6. I enjoy facebook, just for quick updates and photo's... I follow certain blogs and place comments... I am on Linkedin, but I purposely do not follow too much... it simply takes up too much time.