Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Grandma D: Attitude is everything

Note 181
My dearest Ella,
Attitude is everything.
Maddie took me to chemo today and I met this wonderful young girl (She couldn’t have been more than 27). She had such a great attitude. She was so positive. I felt better just sitting next to her.
She told me about her son, who had just started saying “Mum Mum,” and about her husband, who she had met in a college chemistry class. They were lab partners. We talked about many things, and I was amazed that a girl so young could be so wise. It reminded me that we all have bad stuff happen to us. It’s how we deal with the bad stuff that counts.
The older I get the more I realize that attitude is everything. You might have talent and knowledge. Perhaps you’re even gifted. But it’s your attitude that will make the difference between winning and losing, between perservering and giving up.
Sarah is fighting for her life. She is determined to see her baby boy become a man. I know she's scared but she has hope. And hope, Ella, can make all of the difference.
Sarah's attitude was certainly contagious and just the reminder I needed on I day I was feeling particularly blue.
So when bad things happen, as they surely will, remember Sarah. 
Find good in bad,
success in failure,
joy in sorrow,
life in death.
You control your attitude. Make it a positive one and you'll find that even the darkest days become a little brighter.
Love you bunches and bunches, Grandma

I was reminded of this letter from Grandma D today when I had to deal with a miserable person whose attitude completely sucked. I like to read this letter from time to time. It's always a great reminder that attitude is everything. Not that I don't have bad days. Hey, I'm human. But I really try to find something good in everything bad. How about you?


  1. Whenever I encounter someone like that I try to be grateful that I am not them. Which doesn't necessarily make it any easier to deal with the Princess Unpleasants of this world but gratitude always improves attitude.

    ps for a second I thought it was you going to chemo! So glad it's not :)

  2. I thought the letter was for real too at first, but then I remembered you posted it. I agree attitude is everything. It's hard to have a good one when I have less than nice clients who don't want to listen, but I do try. I also recognize with some hard things in life, there will be days when the attitude is not always good because the underlying issue and feelings are hard things to accept, like the death of my sister. But that's okay as long as most days my attitude is upbeat about life.

  3. Marcy and Nat, The letter is one Grandma D left Ella in my novel ELLA'S DANCE. She leaves Ella 365 letters. Ella is to open one letter each day beginning with the day after Grandma D dies. Sorry for the confusion.

  4. Love this! Thank you for this great reminder.

  5. I really enjoyed this post~ especially the line, "you control your attitude." That's very easy to forget, but it's true for many things, even for a would-be writer receiving rejection letters (aka, me) :)

  6. Hi, Buffy! I hopped over from Sharon's blog. Your book sounds lovely and the letter was so right on. That's why I choose to surround myself only with positive people.

  7. Oh, Buffy! That was beautiful! I am always left with a deep sense of love in my heart when I read one of Grandma D's notes...I guess they connect me to my Nanny.

    PS...You have the best attitude! (hugs)

  8. Hi, Buffy! I came over from Sharon's blog after reading her wonderful tribute to you. What a wonderful post! :-)

  9. Hi Buffy, beautiful letter!! And a great reminder of the power of positive energy. Thanks!!

  10. PK, Paul and Shannon, thanks so much for stopping by. Hope you come back! (Smiles)

    Sharon, (big hug) thanks for your encouragement and for believing in ELLA'S DANCE and the beloved Grandma D.

    Jess, I feel your rejection-letter pain. Hang in there. Keep believin'.

    Jamie, thanks for the kind words.

  11. For a "miserable person whose attitude completely sucked", I try to remember this--

    We are all travelers who ride a rough road together; and if some person not as strong as I, but tired and footsore does me wrong, I'll make excuse-- for the road is long, and stormy is the weather.