Monday, September 6, 2010

Need your help

Hey peeps, I need help. I'm planning my high school reunion and I wanted to give prizes for various awards. I'd so love for you to help me come up with some awards and accompanying prizes that are cheap and fun. Here's what I thought of so far:
1. Travel the farthest: A bag of items made locally (Snyders pretzels, Martin's party mix, Utz chips, Hershey bar, Stauffer’s cookies).
2. Married the longest: Bottle of sparking apple cider
3. Married most recently: Bottle of sparkling apple cider
4. Most grandchildren:
5. Oldest grandchild:
6. Youngest grandchild:
7. Youngest child:
8. Most children:
9. First to respond: container of gummy worms for early bird gets the worm
10. Lives closest to school: world map
11. Newest mother-in-law/father-in-law:
Please help me think of prizes to go with the awards above and feel free to list any other awards and prizes. I really appreciate your help.


  1. Re #8: a family photo of the Duggars.

  2. #8 a gift basket to some love shop with ...y'know, stuff & maybe some colorful condoms :) plus a sanity award - if they still are.

    #4 ear plugs