Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A minute list

Copy and paste this list and write a descriptive word or phrase for each. Mine is in ()’s.
Pumpkin (smooth)
Apple (tart)
Leaf (crimson red)
Air (smoky)
Parade (noisy)
Bonfire (crackling)
Football player (tattoo crown of thorns wraps around his bicep)
Night (starry)
Cheerleader (pigtail flopping)
Bleacher (covered with red plaid blanket)


  1. List are my friend, it's the only way I get anything done. Thanks for the Fall list, I need to get in the Fall mood of things.

  2. Pumpkin -pie
    Apple -pie (I must need a snack)
    Leaf -falling
    Air -crisp

    Parade -monster
    Bonfire -smores

    Football player - star
    Night -fall

    Cheerleader -peppi
    Bleacher - cold on the bottom

    (I just love these...)

  3. How fun!

    Pumpkin (pie)
    Apple (dumplings)
    Leaf (falling)
    Air (crisp)

    Parade (laughter)
    Bonfire (smoky)

    Football player (hot and sweaty)
    Night (brisk)

    Cheerleader (vibrant)
    Bleacher (cuddling) - at a game :)

    I had done this the first time and saw that Sharon and I were so similiar so I sat here for a few minutes until it was a little different!! I love these! Again, again!