Thursday, September 9, 2010

Quote of the day

"If you don't allow yourself the possibility of writing something very, very bad, it would be hard to write something very good." --Steven Galloway

Has your writing improved? If so, in what ways? For me, I'm better at incorporating backstory and foreshadowing. At least I think I've improved in these areas. Would love to hear your thoughts.  


  1. no one starts out being spectacularly good; that takes practice. All I have to do is read some of my old stuff to see how far I've come.

  2. I love the idea of contrast. If you don't know bad, you won't know good. It's amazing how much we learn reading other writer's novels, too. I am a mere PB writer, but I would say I've improved on keeping my word count low. Focusing on the positive helps :) Thanks, Buffy!


  3. I've learned a lot through multiple revisions, like how to develop characters, transition to new scenes better, and lately be more conscious of word count and cutting where it's too long.

  4. I learn from others. Then, I take some of their advice and revise. Plus blogging and conmenting has made me more aware of tight writing. Good quote!

  5. I've been writing solidly for about ten years now and when I look at where I started, I know I've gotten better. My understanding of story development and how people really react and relate has changed. I think reading extensively and just life experience makes a world of difference.

  6. Marcy, I agree with you. I cringe when I read some of my old stuff. But then I think of how far I've come. I've made every mistake a newbie can make -- queried too soon, didn't revise enough, etc. But I think I've grown and learned from my mistakes.

    Marissa, what do you mean you are a "mere PB writer?" Writing PB's is incredibly difficult. Don't sell yourself short. You have the talent and passion to make it. Keep working hard and don't give up.

    Mary, I like what you said about blogging and commenting and it helping you to write concisely. Even when we comment on posts, that's writing. Thanks for sharing your comment today.

    And Darker, nice to see you here. You're right about the effect reading and life experiences can have on our writing. We are lifelong learners, no?

    I wish each of you an open door that takes you to the place you want to be. Be ready. You never know when that door will be open for you to walk through.


  7. I hope my writing has improved...My desire for it to improve has increased ten fold...I would like to be successul as a writer, but more importantly I want to write with a gentle loving voice...To hear my Grandparents say they are proud of my writing would mean a lot to me. (Yep, I know I'm 44...It still matters.)

    Have a great weekend, Buffy!