Sunday, September 12, 2010

Reach out, give back

Today was a special day at church. We held a big celebration complete with a covered dish luncheon, lots of really cool carnival games for the kids, a “Jeopardy” game for all ages and lots more. I am always amazed and touched by the number of people who pitch in to help make events like this happen. It takes a ton of planning and work. So many people do so much not because they want accolades, but because they think it’s the right thing to do. It’s a form of stewardship, a way for them to reach out and give back to the community. I attend a small church. It truly is like one big family. Everyone knows everyone else and we would do anything for one another. In a world that seems to be ruled by the mantra “What’s in it for me,” I’m blessed to be part of a group of people who aren’t self-centered, who want to make the world a better place for everyone.

Which brings me to our writing community. I’m blessed to be a part of this viral community as well, a community full of people who help and cheer each other on. Some of you are experienced. Many are just beginning. But no matter where you are on your writing journey, you will find people who want to help you grow and learn. Web sites like allow you to interact with writers and agents and editors. I encourage you to become involved in Inkwell, to connect with other writers and artists through various social networking platforms. I think the more you reach out the more a part of things you’ll feel. You will develop friendships and make connections and you’ll learn that the world is only as small as you make it. Kudos to each of you who gives back with no fanfare, no bells or whistles, but quietly through your comment posts or e-mails or whatever.
I’m curious. What is something that you learned or received from your writing friends? Maybe they’ve inspired you or provided feedback or simply listened when you needed to express your frustration. Please share in comments.


  1. So, Buffy, you are one of the wonderful people I've met via some random clicks...You've been so supportive and helpful. I hope that I've done the same for you at least once. :)

    One unexpected gift I received via the blog world is the friendship I've gained with an almost 11 year old boy named Lenny. Lenny is something special. He's lived quite a life in his few years. He wants to be a writer and I feel blessed that he's one of my critique partners and friends. :)

  2. I agree - the blogging community is one that I have received a great deal from. I've learned so much from others who generously give of their time. I've just signed on to give back as a mentor in a Verla Kay writing group. I'm happy to get an opportunity.