Monday, September 13, 2010

Quote of the day

"Becoming a writer means being creative enough to find the time and the place in your life for writing." -- Heather Sellers
We've all agreed on many occasions that finding writing time is challenging, especially if you work full time outside the home, volunteer in a number of capacities with your church and your child's school, etc. So here's the challenge. Can we be creative and come up with a list of ways to find more writing time? Here are a few I thought of. Add yours in comments.
1. Write over your lunch break at work
2. Write when you're in waiting room at doctor's, dentist's, etc.
3.  Get up an hour earlier in the morning


  1. I write in the morning and on my lunch hour. Here's a few other places to squeeze it in.
    1. When my daughter is at a class, like swimming.
    2. On weekends.
    3. When my husband and daughter are watching a show I don't like.
    4. On vacations. Sometimes I arrange a few days off when everyone is at work/school so I can write.

  2. I try and write during naptime or when the kids go to sleep for the night. Also, when the kids are quietly playing with toys (which is rare but it does happen.)

  3. So true. There's never enough time in the day!

    My best time to write is when my kid is doing his homework. I make a crock-pot dinner so I'm free from the kitchen and then sit at the table with him. He diagrams sentences; I diagram my plot. Sometimes we switch. ;)

    (Not really. I'm crap at diagraming sentences.)

  4. Nat: I don't watch TV. Just not enough time. And so when my husband is watching TV I don't have to feel guilty about writing. The weekends are the only time we have to spend together so I do try to set aside some time then to play golf or whatever with him. Of course, when he's on call and has to go out, instant writing time on weekends without the guilt.

    Christine, when my kiddos were little I did the same thing. Those nights were precious to me. Enjoy.

    Amy, I love that you sit at the same table as your child and when he does homework you do "homework."

    Thanks ladies for joining in today:)

  5. Wonderful quote! My favorite choice for writing is #3. For me, that shows my dedication extends beyond checking my email, blog, facebook, and other networking things first in the morning and instead am willing to get up and write. Just me, a quiet house, and new words.

  6. For me, I like to get everything done by 11 a.m. and then take an hour nap. (I know I'm a bit spoiled.) When I wake up, I sit either with my laptop or with a composition book and get lost until 3, run and get Katherine...then eat...see if she needs help...see if I've lost my mojo or if I'm lucky get back to where I left off...