Friday, May 28, 2010

Awesome blogger award

My friend Cheryl from the Wandering (and wondering) through YA Lit blog gave me this award. Thanks Cheryl. *Smiles and waves* She told me I had to share seven things about myself and pass it on to 15 more bloggers. Here we go:

1. I love to run and taught indoor cycling for five years. 
2. I hate vegetables (except corn) and fish.
3. I love Walt Disney World (but can't wait to see Universal Studios Harry Potter attraction in August).
4. I’m learning to play golf but I really suck at it. But I have a purple bag and pink balls that I get to wheel around so that's way cool. 
5. I had both of my knees operated on for medial meniscus tears. (Ouch!)
6. I once left the grocery store without my groceries. I paid for them, got in my car, but instead of driving up to load the bags (it was raining), I went home.
7. I was named after a character in a TV show called Family Affair. ( have curly hair that I sometimes straighten)

OK, so most of these include two things about me:) Now, here are the 15 bloggers I pass it on to:
1. Random Thoughts
2. Terry Lynn Johnson
3. My Two Blessings
4. Edited to within an inch of my life
5. Adventures Beyond the Pond
6. I Don't Believe in Reality
7. In High Spirits
8. Jon's Life. Or Other Odd People Doing Odd Things
9. LM Preston
10. Points of Claire-ification
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12. Crossroads
13.Watcha Readin'
14. Kelly Polark
15. It's All About Writing


  1. Thank you much, Buffy!
    Let's see, based on 1 we can be friends, but based on 2, we'll forever be frenemies.

  2. What a fantastic award, Buffy, thanks! We are so excited to do the Harry Potter amusement park--we're thinking next Spring!! I think #6 qualifies you for some bonehead points (see Friday's post on my blog!). My oldest brother always goes through the drive through, pays for his food and then drives away before picking it up at the second window. We call him the absent minded professor. You're in good company!

  3. Thank you Buffy. I've done something like # 7. I once so distracted, got out of my car, left it running and walked in store to go shopping. Someone fortunately tapped me on the shoulder to ask about it. Talk about red faced.

  4. Thanks for the lovely award, Buffy! I love that your golf bag is purple and your balls are pink! My hubby and I need to start playing golf. He has clubs. I don't...

  5. lol Buffy, So I'd say great minds think alike, but unfortunately you might have proved me wrong on that one. I'm so sorry I didn't notice this before, thank you so much! (I'd still give it to you again though.) :p
    I learned new stuff, but one thing really stood out... #15 I think. :p