Thursday, May 6, 2010

Tell me about yourself

OK gang. Here's your chance to tell me something about yourself. Why? Because I'm a journalist and nosy. Seriously, I think it would be fun to know more about my blog readers. So if you want to share, great. If you don't, no pressure. If you want to fill in some of the fields and not others, that's fine, too. Copy and paste the template below into comments and complete.

Lives in:
Genres you write:
Completed books:
WIP (one sentence):
Favorite book:
If you could be any character, who would it be and why:
I write because (finish sentence)
Thanks for participating. Have a super day!


  1. Name: Jonathon Arntson
    Lives in: Ludington, Michigan
    Family: 4/5
    Occupation: Writer, Gas Station Attendant
    Genres you write: YA, MG, and PB
    Completed books: What's your def of completed? Under my def(published) - 0
    WIP (one sentence): Two gay teens' paths criss and cross until they are wrapped around each other, but then a stronger and unlikely bond forms.
    Favorite book:
    If you could be any character, who would it be and why: The cat from WILD THINGS because he lives a happy life.
    I write because it's one of the only things I have ever been good at.

  2. Name: Susan Bearman
    Lives in: Evanston, IL
    Family: DH, 4 kids, 2 steps, a dog & a hermit crab
    Occupation: writer, jack of all trades
    Genres you write: children's, adult fiction, creative nonfiction
    Completed books: ms in several genres; ghost wrote job-hunting guide published by McGraw-Hill '08
    WIP (one sentence): 9yo boy obsessed with magic (Harry Houdini, not Harry Potter) wants to be in school talent show but is thwarted by a teacher obsessed with spelling.
    Favorite book: too many: A is for Annabelle, World According to Garp and Little Women.
    If you could be any character, who would it be and why: Jo March, because she becomes a published author w/ a thousand children.
    I write because (finish sentence) I must.

  3. Name: Pam Harris
    Lives in: Carrollton, VA
    Family: No kids; live with cousin
    Occupation: School counselor
    Genres you write: Contemporary YA
    Completed books: 1, but I'm considering a major revision.
    WIP (one sentence): Hmm, I have way too many rumbling around in my head right now.
    Favorite book: Ahh! There's too many! One would definitely have to be Living Dead Girl by Elizabeth Scott, though.
    If you could be any character, who would it be and why: Maybe Jacob from the Twilight Series so I could slap some sense into Bella. Metaphorically, of course.
    I write because I can't imagine my life without it.

  4. Name:marcy
    Lives in: midcoast maine
    Family: 7 siblings, 2 moms, 1 dad (deceased)
    Occupation: (in the spirit of positive thinking)writer
    Genres you write: YA and adult fantasy, historical & romance, sometimes all at the same time
    Completed books: The Way to Dendara, Fairy Tail, Almost Paradise, and book one of a trilogy
    WIP (one sentence): Grimoire, about a girl who finds out she's a witch and has inherited an heirloom book of spells
    Favorite book: too hard to choose but Incarceron by Catherine Fisher is right up there
    If you could be any character, who would it be and why: Arlen in my story namesake, the planned sequel to Grimoire
    I write because (finish sentence) it's what I do.

  5. Name: Lala
    Lives in: Flo Mo
    Family: three younger siblings, a mom, a dad, and a klutzy dog
    Occupation: student/writer
    Genres you write: YA
    Completed books: The Assassin
    WIP (one sentence): Cassie Dreandry tries to save her dad from her other dad.
    Favorite book: Just one? I'd have to say the whole Stephanie Plum series
    If you could be any character, who would it be and why: um.... probably Elphaba from Wicked. Love the book and the musical.
    I write because (finish sentence)I'd probably be crazier than I already am if I didn't write some of my ideas down. :)

  6. Name: Cheryl Chambers
    Lives in: general confusion. ;)
    Family: Yes. (Am I being snarky? Don't mean to... lol)
    Occupation: Teacher
    Genres you write: poetry, flash, ya
    Completed books: Does the dusty one in the upstairs bookshelf count?
    WIP (one sentence): Macbeth in high school. My plan? Rewrite all of 'em.
    Favorite book: Sheesh. Too tough.
    If you could be any character, who would it be and why: Me...
    I write because (finish sentence) I like it!

    p.s. What an awesome idea for your blog! Do you mind if I steal this?

  7. Name: Ann Marie Wraight (Ms.)

    Lives in: Ioannina, Greece.

    Family: Husband and 2 sons, Mat 8, Peter 9.

    Occupation: English Teacher, Writer

    Genres you write: MG/YA/short stories.

    Completed books: Ha ha ha!!!

    WIP (one sentence): 2 WIP. 1 urban fantasy. 1 humorous

    Favorite book: Lord of the Rings Trilogy.

    If you could be any character, who would it be and why:
    Gollum from above trilogy. Because I'm fascinated by what happens when a person gets absolute power...we wonders about ourselvsies we does....

    I write because (finish sentence)there are 2 choices.
    1) Put all these swirling ideas, plots, pictures and words down on paper
    2) Make some shrink a very happy man/woman
    Thanks for participating. Have a super day!

  8. Name:Callie Forester
    Lives in:currently in GA
    Family:husband,four kids, one grandson (all still living home)plus the five dogs, five cats, pony and the fish. :)
    Occupation:Writer of course
    Genres you write:YA
    Completed books:The one I'm working on was completed until I decided to rewrite it. Does that count?
    WIP (one sentence):A teenage boy who has grown up in a series of foster homes/group homes/jail falls in love and must overcome his past in order to have a future.
    Favorite book: The entire Harry Potter series
    If you could be any character, who would it be and why: Harry Potter. Why? Ummm...I think that's self explanatory. ;)
    I write because (finish sentence)it makes me happy.

  9. Jonathon: Hey kiddo! (smiles) I'm wondering about the unlikely bond between your two teens? Sounds like it could be very interesting.

    Susan: I love that you included your hermit crab. And lots of luck with your 9-year-old obsessed with magic.

    Pam: I have to agree. Life without writing? Unimaginable!

    Marcy: I'm jealous. Two moms! Lucky you. And all of those books you completed. Great job!

    Lala: Love your name, btw. Elphaba from Wicked? Great pick.

    Cheryl: Steal away and have fun.

    Ann Marie: Don't laugh. You will most certainly get there.

    Pure awesomeness everyone!

  10. Callie: I so love Harry Potter, too. And that's a house full of pets for sure:)

  11. Name: Natalie Aguirre
    Lives in: Ann Arbor, Michigan
    Family: husband & daughter
    Occupation: attorney
    Genres you write: middle grade fantasy
    Completed books: The Third Tower (almost)
    WIP (one sentence): When Jasmine follows a talking doorknob into a magical world, she must discover how her adoption unlocks her newly found magical powers or watch her best friend die.
    Favorite book: Harry Potter, Inkheart, Linger, etc.
    If you could be any character, who would it be and why: Hermione Granger. She's strong and has a wand.
    I write because (finish sentence)I enjoy it and have discovered a creative part of myself.