Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Playing with food

I have a super creative staff. We’re always doing fun things. One time, we held a Project Newspaper contest in which entrants had to design (and wear) clothing and accessories made out of newspapers. 
We always hold a Peeps contest each Easter in which readers create dioramas using the sugary treats. In the past, we’ve seen Peeps of the Caribbean, Nascar  Peeps, Trojan  Peeps, Alien  Peeps and  Peeps from the “Wizard of Oz.”
So when someone suggested making the Hotdog the star of the show (given Memorial Day is coming up, the unofficial start of summer and all-things grilled) we were all over it. 
I decided to do come up with some of my own ideas, just for fun. Besides, I love playing with food. I’m such a kid.  Here they are.

1. Finger Food: I created "fingers" with cherry tomato fingernails (sliced the cherry tomatoes in half) and added chips to the presentation. 

2. Shark attack: I hollowed the inside of a hotdog to make it look like a canoe. Then I raided my kids'  Legos and found the dude with the paddle and a shark. Bingo! Just what I needed to make the scene work. I was going to add ketchup for blood but forgot to bring that to work where I set up my creations to share with others.

3. School time: I took the bus from the FisherPrice schoolhouse set and the cars from the FisherPrice garage set in the toy room and made this scene of a bus stopping to pick up a child. I used peppercorns for the eyes and Silly String for the hair. One of the passengers in the bus also sports a blue baseball cap.

I also made a scene from Alien, with the creature emerging from the belly of a hotdog body; hotdog barbells; and a hotdog cannon that shoots out a cannonball (which is really a cherry tomato).
So have you ever played with food? If so, what have you created?


  1. I will NEVER look at hotdogs the same way again! LOL. And yes, I've played with my food, but it was mostly just flinging it across the table to start a food fight. :D

  2. I didn't realise one could be SOOOOO creative with a hotdog !!!!!WOW for imagination Buffy!

    I was always playing around with the presentation of my food, as my oldest son, Peter, was REALLY picky about what he ate when he was younger. Depending on what type of food we were eating, I'd try to create some kind of THEME.

    Soups were the easiest as they usually had some kind of pirate toy/ship floating away with flags blowing in the wind. My youngest son, Matty went one step too far when (my back was turned) and he put an electrical fan directly up against his soup dish and put it on full.....the result, of course was fish soup splattered on my new curtains, floor and table.....

    Matty's reply:

    "But Mummy - the pirates were sailing in a hurricane....!"

    Now I just screech:
    "Eat your beeping food!!!"

    This approach may NOT be educationally correct BUT it's MUCH more hygienic!

  3. Ann Marie, I love the hurricane comment. Got my morning off to a great start. Now there's a child with a great imagination!

    And JA, I haven't had a food fight in like forever, but that would be fun -- as long as it isn't in my house!