Friday, May 21, 2010

Take time for some inspiration

Take Time:

Take time to think-
It is the source of all power.

Take time to read-
It is the fountain of wisdom.

Take time to play-
It is the source of perpetual youth.

Take time to be quiet-
It is the opportunity to seek God.

Take time to be aware-
It is the opportunity to help others.

Take time to love and be loved-
It is God’s greatest gift.

Take time to laugh-
It is the music of the soul.

Take time to be friendly-
It is the road to happiness.

Take time to dream-
It is what the future is made of.

Take time to pray-
It is the greatest power on earth.

Take time to give-
It is too short a day to be selfish.

Take time to work-
It is the price of success.

There is a time for everything. . . .[Ecclesiastes 3:1-8]Bible
What aren't you taking time for? How will you change this situation?


  1. Great post. My big one is to take more time to write. This weekend I'm getting back on track, including the weekdays when it's harder because of work.

  2. Good luck Natalie. I struggle to find time, too. But if you only have 15 or 30 minutes a day, that's better than nothing. Just pick away at it each day, doing what you can. All those small steps will add together and you will finish the race. I always tell my kids, don't think about running 10 miles at once. Take one mile at a time. When you finish one mile, focus on getting through the next one and the next and next. If we look at the whole, it can be so overwhelming that we're unable to start the race at all. But if we put one foot in front of the other, one step at a time, we will get there. As long as we stick with it and don't give up. Some miles are killers and there are times when it will be easier to stop than to go on. It's at that moment when you must reach within yourself and find and hold on to all of the reasons why you started this journey in the first place. Allow it to pull you through. I'm on this journey with you. Good luck and thanks so much for your daily comments. I really look forward to them:)

  3. Buffy--Did you compose that lovely poem? If so you did a wonderful job! I've been taking time to reflect this week and to spend time with friends. I haven't done a lot of writing, but I have moved forward a bit. Have a lovely weekend and thanks for sharing the poem and Bible verse.

  4. No, I did not. I found it and loved it and wanted to share. Have a super weekend Sharon.