Monday, May 24, 2010

What have you learned?

I was thinking about all of the things I've learned so far on my writing journey. What have you learned? Here are five of mine:
1. I've learned that I have an even more amazing husband than I thought. I could never do all that I do without his encouragement and support. He gives me space and time to write and never complains, even though it means he spends many nights alone.
2. I've learned that failure isn't all bad. I've learned a lot from my failures. They have made me better and stronger in many ways.
3. I've learned that finding an agent who believes in me and my work is probably one of the most difficult things I've had to do. I just have to keep believin'.
4. I've learned that I'm a better writer today than I was a year ago. I've grown and learned so much. And I know I will keep learning and getting better.
5. I've learned that there is an incredible online community of writers and artists who support one another through various platforms. I feel blessed to have found these people and for their friendship and support.
Now, your turn:)


  1. I feel like you've said everything that I've learned except for a few. I've learned how helpful and supportive my daughter has been over the years as I've revised my manuscript. She always encouraged me when I was down about writing. Also, I've found a creative part of myself I didn't know existed. And I'm finding I have thicker skin. I don't like it when an agent or publisher doesn't like my work, but I know that another agent or publisher could have a totally different perspective on it.

  2. You're so right, Natalie, about the agent stuff. It's awesome that you have such a supportive daughter. And neat that you found the creative part of you.

  3. Wow, the list would be too long to include. I am amazed at how much I've learned along the writing journey, from those around me and all the available resources. You can't do it alone, that's for sure! The path keeps going, too. It's interesting to look back and I hope to stay motivated looking forward. Thanks, Buffy!


  4. I've learned many of the points you described. But, I guess patience is standing out for me.

    It's a tough industry to be in these days.

    All the best.

  5. Marissa, you're right about not being able to do it alone.And it's great that we have this online community to support one another.

    Wendy, it is an incredibly tough industry and patience is not one of my virtues. But I am learning to be more patient with others and myself.

  6. I've learned that all the classes and workshops in the world won't help your writing unless you put the pen to the paper (or fingers to the keyboard) and implement those lessons.

  7. Wonderful post, Buffy! One of the things I've learned is to step out of my comfort zone. Asking people for their help has never been something I was good at. Over the past 18 months I've learned to ask for advice from writing friends, editors, publishers and yes, even a couple agents. What is amazing is that every time I've asked, my questions have been answered. The writing community is very supportive.

  8. I've learned to take critique and filter it through the lens of, "How can I learn from this?"

    And boy can I relate to your #3!

  9. Congratulations on 100 followers!

    I like your list, especially #5. Although it's a much longer journey than I ever anticipated, I've learned you don't have to go it alone.

  10. Amy: you are so right.Write. Write. Write. Even if it's 15 minutes a day.

    Sharon: You're right about how supportive the writing community is. And I hope you know how grateful I am of your support.

    K.M.: Criticism is never easy, but you're right about learning from it.The problem is that rejections don't always come with constructive criticism so you don't know what to improve. I have even received fulls back with very few comments, which is really frustrating for me.

    Anne: Thanks for the congrats. (Happy dance) And yes, we are in this together. To help one another be the best we can be.

  11. Hi FRIEND!

    You and the ladies have covered the most important things in all your comments.

    I have some special online friends who mean the world to me as their encouragement knows no bounds. I have learnt to cherish them.

    Also, write SOMETHING every single day - even if you can only spare minutes.

    Follow at least your favourite blogs EVERY DAY - it's wonderful learning what others are thinking/doing in the writing world.


  12. Hi Ann Marie, not sure about the competition. My big hope is to finish my WIP (The Lion Awakens)by the end of May. I'm on the homestretch now.My husband is going to be away this weekend so I will have a lot of time to write. I'm so excited to be nearing the end and it's so much fun to bring all of the pieces together. And thank you for the congrats on the 100. I thought I would never get there. And to think that some people have a couple thousand followers. That just really blows my mind. Anyway, hope you are having a super day.

  13. Many good things here already. Write and enjoy the experience of feeling how good it is for you. Don't expect everything that comes straight from your head to be gold from the beginning. Most importantly, never let yourself feel like you have nothing to share. There are never so many voices in the world that your's does not need to be added.

    Thanks for the list, Buffy.

  14. Thanks so much Reichart. And so glad you found my blog. You're right about not expecting it to be gold in the beginning. Because I'm a perfectionist, this is one I need to work on. Thanks for commenting. Have a super day today.