Friday, January 29, 2010

Description writing exercise

In one paragraph, describe the next person you see. Don't forget all of your senses (well, maybe not taste and touch). What do they look like? How do they sound? Smell? Make this person come alive in my mind. Good luck!


  1. Shades of gray, silver, and white barely cover Jerry's scalp. In his mature years he has decided to keep his hair "easy to take care of," aka a crew cut. He's rounded out a little with age, and he doesn't stand as tall and straight as he did when we married 40 years ago. A couple of strokes, a heart attack, and four decades of diabetes have taken their toll on his body. But his mind is sharper than ever. His grin grows wider each year. His voice is a raspy whisper, but his laugh is loud and contageous. Though the time has chiseled away some of his vigor and good looks, they've been kind to his spirit, to the wonderful man who lives inside that tired body. May the next 40 years be as kind.

  2. Well done Jean. I loved reading your passage. Thanks so much for sharing.