Thursday, January 7, 2010

Ella's Dance: A Grandma Note

Note 13

My dearest Ella,
Live life to the fullest.
I once knew a man who had so many dreams that he recorded them in a tiny black notebook. Whenever I’d see him, he’d show me his notebook so I could see the new dreams he had added. One day, I asked him how many of the dreams he had fulfilled. The answer? None. He spent his lifetime collecting dreams but never living them. Of course, he had all sorts of excuses. Not enough money. Not enough time. Too young. Too old. It got so that I stopped asking about his dreams whenever I saw him. And he stopped showing me his tiny black notebook. He died recently and along with him all those dreams. Don’t be like this man, Ella. Don’t be a collector of dreams. Live life to the fullest and give it everything you’ve got. You only get one shot at life, so make it a great one.
Love you bunches and bunches, Grandma


  1. Great exerpt! Oustanding life lesson! Are you shopping Ella's Dance around?

  2. Sharon, yes. Trying to find an agent who believes in this work as much as I do. I decided to expand the words of advice (which were simply one-liners originally) into letters and I really love how they are turning out. I think a reader learns more about Grandma and Ella and the other characters. Sometimes the letters refer to something that a reader would have known from reading the book and at other times, the letters introduce new information and provide new insight about the characters. Anyway, thanks for reading and keep checking for more of Grandma's letters to Ella.

  3. I love the letters. I have almost all of the letters my Nanny wrote me from the time I was 8 (and moved to America) until she died about 7 years ago. They are priceless. I think your letters are wonderful!

    I'm doing agent research today...I want to find someone as passionate about WWII as I am. :)