Sunday, January 3, 2010

Ella's Dance: A Grandma note

In my YA novel, Ella's Dance, her grandmother writes her notes, one for every day of the coming year. Before Grandma dies, she leaves instructions for Ella to be given a note each day. Through Grandma's notes, a healing process begins. Unfortunately, tragedy strikes again and Ella faces some life-changing events she could never have anticipated. 
I'd like to share some of Grandma's notes with my blog readers. Grandma D is the grandma we all wish we had (and some of us might) or hope to become one day. And Ella, well Ella is each of us, hurt and struggling for answers to life's many questions. My hope for 2010 is that this manuscript finds an agent who believes in it as much as I do. For now, I'm hoping you'll allow me to share the notes with you from time to time because I really feel that the words speak to each of us. Thanks everyone for going along on this journey with me. And if you'd like to follow Grandma on Twitter, you'll find her @Grandma_Dorothy.

My dearest Ella,

Stop and listen to the music. Sometimes it’s very faint.
After your parents and sister died, I thought all of the music in my life was gone. But then I saw you, cradling your baby doll and feeding her a bottle and I realized that the music wasn’t gone, it was just very faint. So faint that if I had not been listening at all, I would have completely missed it. Ella, you provided me with some of the sweetest music I have ever known and for that I will always be grateful. When times are tough, as they will surely be, listen for the music. It will be there, waiting to be discovered and crescendo once again.
Love you bunches and bunches, Grandma


  1. Ella's Dance sounds wonderful. I hope you find that perfect agent too. :)

  2. Thanks Sharon. And welcome back from the holidays. I hope you had a wonderful time and that 2010 is everything you want it to be. Blessings, Buffy