Sunday, January 24, 2010

Share your dialogue snippets

Let's share snippets of dialogue that we think show a character's personality. Do you get a mental picture of any of these characters just from the dialogue? I'll start and I can't wait to read your's in the comments.

From MG Freaky Frank: “Hey, bro,” Piz said. “Can you help me with that Romeo stuff? I don't understand any of that artsy-fartsy crap. Why do we have to read this Shakespeare stuff anyway? The dude doesn’t even write for normal people.”

From MG Locket of Doom: “What’s there to be afraid of?” I asked. “Everyone’s dead. It’s not like they’re going to claw their way out of their coffins and grab you and pull you into their grave and we’ll never see you again. Besides, we can’t chicken out. We’ll never hear the end of it. And I really want to see if the statue cries.”

From MG Haunted Barn: “Speaking of the potty, I’ve been having trouble with my bladder,” Grandma told Anna. “Incontinence. Can’t seem to keep it in.”
“Well, better No. 1 than No. 2,” Anna said. “Marge has been having trouble with No. 2 and, well, what a mess.”
“It’s hell getting older,” Grandma said.

From MG Brain Invaders: “My parents had a major blowout last night,” Cassie said. "I’ve never seen my dad like that. He was so angry. His eyeballs were as big as basketballs and his face as red as Mrs. Snyder’s lipstick."
“That red?” I asked.
“Maybe redder.”

From YA Ella's Dance: “Why did you have to go in the service anyhow,” Ella said, her anger starting to bubble. “We’re in a war for god’s sake. And you’re freakin’ going in the service. Well, it’s a fine time to do something like that. You could be killed and end up in an urn like Grandma, nothing but a bunch of damn white ashes."

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