Saturday, January 23, 2010

Ella's Dance: A Grandma note

Note 161
My dearest Ella,
I’m really tired today, Ella. The chemo treatments take a lot out of me. Maddie offered to write what I tell her, but I didn’t want to do that just yet. But I might have to eventually. I want to keep writing these notes myself so you have them in my handwriting as long as I can.
So today is rough and I can’t write much. The notes might be a little shorter for awhile. Depends on how I feel. But I want to say that I love you. Three simple words that are worth more than all the treasures in the world put together.
Love you bunches and bunches, Grandma


  1. My heart aches for Grandma. (Very nicely done!)

  2. Sharon, I can't tell you how much I appreciate your constant encouragement. I thank God you found my blog and that you continue to read and comment.You help me make it through the days when I wonder why I even try. So thank you for all you do, Buffy

  3. Don't forget you are a writer already...You just haven't broken into the fiction market yet. You'll get there. :)