Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Why do you write or sell or edit?

Here are a few questions that I would love to hear your answers to. If you're a writer, why do you write? If you're an editor or agent, why did you choose those careers? The writer, agent, editor is an incredibly important team and I wondered what makes that team successful? Anyone?


  1. I started writing because it was a creative outlet my little kids (at the time) couldn't wreck, unlike when I tried to paint. I didn't have a separate room, so I had to drag all my supplies out and keep them from touching it. I tried waiting until they were in bed, but by then I was zonked out.

    My kids are older now, so those reasons don't apply anymore, but I guess I just got good enough to love it enough to keep doing it.

  2. I write because I have always liked to read and I wanted to write things that I would like to read.

  3. Great reasons guys. I wish you both success with all of your writing endeavors. Don't give up on your dreams. (Smiles)