Monday, January 4, 2010

A penny that ended up costing hundreds

One of the sweetest things about life is that if we screw something up, we get to try again. Imagine if we screwed up and that was it? DONE! I'd be one sorry soul. I'm not sure what made me think of this. It just sort of popped into my head. I mean, it's not like I screwed up recently (at least not that I know of) or that I'm planning to in the future (fingers crossed).

What's the biggest screw-up you ever had? Dumbest thing you ever did?
For me, it was probably the time I went through the drive-thru and when the cashier gave me my change – a penny – I dropped it on the ground. I couldn't open my door to get old Abe. So, after the cashier gave me my sandwich and coffee, I backed up so that I could open the door and get that tiny piece of no-good copper. Uh-oh! (It was more like "Shit! Tom is so going to kill me.") You guessed it; I banged up the side mirror so badly that the car ended up in the body shop and it costs hundreds to fix the mirror (Why do they put side mirrors on cars anyway!). So, yeah, that was pretty dumb. And I never did get that damn penny.
So what was your biggest screw up? Would love to hear in comments.


  1. Off hand I can't think of anything specific, but it would probably involve me not wanting to pay someone to do something that I think I can do and then me screwing it up so bad that I have to call in the expert and pay them more to fix the original problem plus whatever I screwed up even more.

  2. When I was in college I was dating my husband (of almost 24 years now). I tended to be very jealous. We were at a party at his house. I walked in the kitchen and discovered him chatting with a girl. I threw a glass of wine on him and broke a strand of pearls. It turns out he was telling her where the glasses were. I've never lived that one down.