Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Autograph books Part 2

As promised, here are some more entries from my mother-in-law's autograph books (read original post). These are from Wellsville High School 1933-34. Enjoy!

Aug. 27, 1933
Dear sister,
When you are old and cannot see, put on your specks and think of me.
Your brother, Noah (age 7)

When you are married and have a baby boy, and when his hair begins to curl I wish you then a baby girl, and when they both can drink from tins I wish you then a pair of twins.
Robert Crone

Nov. 7, 1933
Dear Ethel,
Remember the pumpkin,
Remember the gord,
Remember the night,
We rode in the ford.
Your schoolmate, Fairy Rank

It is easy enough to be joyful
When life flows along like a song,
But the girl worthwhile is the one who can smile,
When everything goes dead wrong.
Annabel G. Rice

No. 27, 1934
Dear Ethel,
May your life be like arithmetic.
Love---------divided by 2
The girl who sits behind you,
Lena Kinter

Nov. 8, 1933
Dear Ethel:
My name is Stanley Sherman.
Wellsville is my station.
Alpine is my dwelling-place.
Schoolwork is my salvation.
As ever,
Stanley Sherman "Stan" "Sherm"
"The pause that refreshes."
"Remember the Coco-Cola battles"

Nov. 21, 1934
Dear Ethel:
When the evening pulls the curtain down,
and pins it with a star,
Remember that you have a friend,
No matter where you are.
Your friend and classmate,
Thelma Wagner
"Yours till I have quadruplets"
"Jean" "Jane" "Joan" "June"

Nov. 22, 1934
Dear Ethel,
To meet
To know
To love
to part
Are the four sad words of a schoolmate's heart.
A schoolmate
Dorothy Sheaffer

Watch for more excerpts.


  1. wow, buffy, these are great! what fun you must be having reading them and what an interesting insight into your mother-in-law's youth and friends. thanks for sharing :)

  2. This is a lot more entertaining than what the kids write in each other's yearbooks today! My fifth graders just sign their names or write HAGS or BFF.

    Sigh. How can we bring this back?

  3. Thanks girls for stopping in. I so love these excerpts. I wonder what kind of Coca-Cola battles they had. I wonder how much Coke cost in 1933. Probably like a penny or something. I'll have to look that up. And what about these girls' names: Fairy, Lena, June.Really does make me smile.