Friday, June 18, 2010

What would your author blurb say?

Most books include a couple of grafs about the author. What would you want your author blurb to say? Whether the bio blurb appears on the book flap, in an “about the author” section or in promotional materials, it's an important introduction to you and your awesome work. It’s your opportunity to make a good impression and connect with your readers.
So, write a bio blurb for your latest work and share in comments. And if you found this difficult, why?  Good luck!


  1. I just spent the past 15 minutes trying to figure it out. I can't get past I'm a mother of four... what does that mean? LOL I gotta think a bit more on this one.

    Thanks for the post!

  2. LOL--I hear more authors complain about blurbs than about queries and synopses combined! (Though to be fair, author photo complaints top the list.)

    I'll take a stab at this for my book, Smelvin & the Goulash Boy:

    Amy Cook lives in Boise with her husband and son, two ducks, one chicken and a manic-depressive cat. Her recent visit to Croatia gave her the inspiration for this story. She often wakes at night, wondering if the goulash she ate there contained anyone's pet rat.

  3. Amy I love that!!! I would read just to get the flavor...of your book, not the rat! Still thinking about mine. =-)

  4. Yeah Amy. Very good. Especially love the manic-depressive cat!

  5. OK... Here's mine for Freaky Frank, my humorous middle grade novel about a telepathic middle-schooler.

    Buffy Andrews lives in southcentral Pennsylvania with her husband, Tom, two sons, Zachary and Micah, and carin terrier, Kakita. She met Freaky Frank in a dream and couldn’t ditch the dude when she woke up. Good thing, too, or this book wouldn’t have been written. 

  6. Wow--that was a great pun, E! I totally didn't see it coming.

    Buffy, LOL @ Frank. I look forward to reading about him someday!! :)

  7. wow, this is hard! I guess I'd say something like: mshatch lives along the lovely coast of maine in a very small house with her goofy lab and a bunch of cats...hmm, that's as far as I get.

  8. This is hard, Buffy...Amy is a pro! I'm so glad you are getting to know her. She's one of my critique group buddies.

    Have a great weekend!

  9. A M Wraight lives in the Mystical Mountains of Greece with her collection of Magic Flying Donkey, Temperamental Puking Bunnies and Carrier Pigeon Postal Service.

    Since falling into a magical wine barrel (whilst trying to scoop out the last dregs) she writes amusing Middle Grade and Young Adult with a splashing of Historical Fiction based on Greece and The Balkans. Her characters are always quirky and mildly insane...although things always turn out well in the end!

    ...Ok - this was just for fun...apart from her bending greedily over the enormous barrel whilst being a wee bit tipsy....and it hasn't happened ONLY once. My hair colour is permanently wine red!

  10. Marcy and Sharon: I agree this is hard. When you think about it, it's probably one of the most important pieces of non-fiction you will ever write.

    Ann Marie: Thanks for the smile this morning:)